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Having the right products to complete your project is so important. Not only do you require adhesive to cure turf to the surface, but ensuring it is weather-resistant and waterproof is a huge deal. With TURFBOND, not only do we guarantee both but we also have everything you need in our shop to complete a project. Our adhesive is available in a tube or 5-gallon pail so no matter the job size you get the most out of the product. Our easy-to-follow directions are available on the tube and the bucket so there's no questions or concerns about timing and application. You won't require the use of additional tools either, as the tube allows application straight from the product, making cleanup a breeze.

Not only do we offer the best artificial turf adhesive for you, but we also have a handy repair kit you can use in case there's ever a need for touch up. As our product cannot be resealed after opening, the repair kit is a perfect setup for minor fixes. We can also supply you with seam tape and seam tape drops to keep the area you'll be working in clean and clear from the rest of the space. No matter the project ahead, TURFBOND will help you finish your turf job in style.

Make Artificial Turf a Part of Your Next Project

Get a new look that lasts. Interior and exterior turf additions are becoming more and more popular, and you want quality with your new project. TURFBOND is a weather-resistant adhesive that cures quickly to help get the job done right. And since our product doesn't require extra parts and tools, you can get a job started and finished quickly and efficiently with TURFBOND. Protect your turf installation in the long run from excessive wear and tear with our adhesive to help keep everything where it's supposed to be. After all, we are the #1 choice of hundreds of pro teams, universities and high schools, so you know our product can withstand weather and use. Ready to start your project? Check out our products today: we can ship anywhere so you always have the best product ready to use.


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