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TURFBOND Application Directions

TURFBOND synthetic turf adhesive is designed for high-performance sports installations, is weather resistant, and can be used for interior and exterior environments. TURFBOND has an easy application process that starts with preparing the surface. Check that the surface is structurally sound, smooth, and free of any substances like oil, paint, or concrete sealers to ensure a flawless application.

TURFBOND is ready to use, no mixing required. Start by unrolling the turf and allowing time for it to acclimate according to the manufacturer’s written instructions. Once the turf has acclimated, place the seaming tape and select the trowel that best fits your coverage. Spread TURFBOND evenly over the seaming tape, using the trowel. Keep the trowel at a 45-degree angle during the application process for best results. Apply only as much TURFBOND as can be applied within 30 minutes. While the turf is curing you may need to place a weight on the turf seam to ensure a proper bonding. Let TURFBOND bond for 12 hours before allowing foot traffic on the material.

Clean up any unwanted adhesive turf immediately with a dry cloth while the TURFBOND is still wet. Please note that TURFBOND is very difficult to remove once it has fully cured. Store unused TURFBOND in the original container in a temperature controlled storage area. A thin hardened layer may form on top of the adhesive over time. This can be removed and the adhesive under the harder layer will be ready for use. For best results, place plastic wrap firmly over the surface of the unused adhesive. The length of time that TURFBOND will keep varies on the amount of humidity in the storage facility.

Stick with what works: Safe; Proven; Easy to Use


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